Google Banned Popular Chinese E Commerce Apps Flagged As Malware Company Denied Claims Details

Google periodically bans apps from its App Store that contain malware. In the latest action, the company has removed several apps from a Chinese developer from its Play Store and has also advised people to delete these apps immediately. The app maker is Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo, which claims to have over 800 million active users. The presence of malware in the apps of a company having such a large number of active users is a serious issue.

TechCrunch’s Report According to, Google has claimed to have malware in the apps of Chinese e-commerce company named Pinduoduo. In recent weeks, several Chinese security researchers have reported malware in this company’s apps. make allegations Are. Researchers said that the apps contained malware designed to monitor users.

After complaints, Google also took strict steps on this and banned the apps from the store. Referring to apps at issue that are not on Google Play, a Google spokesperson, Ed Fernandez, said, “Off-Play versions of this app that were found to contain malware have been processed by Google Play Protect. “

Also, Google has used Google Play Protect to prevent users from installing these apps and warns those who already have them installed.

Not only this, Google has also reportedly removed the official app of Pinduoduo from the Play Store citing security reasons.

Pinduoduo spokesperson Kong Ho told TechCrunch via email that “we strongly reject the speculation and allegations by some anonymous researchers, and this non-conclusive response by Google. has been suspended from Google Play and we find it odd that TechCrunch chose Pinduoduo.”