Google Cloud Develops Cryptojacking To Protect Crypto Miners From Malware

The ever-growing crypto sector has attracted the attention of hackers. He is also trying to steal from people associated with this area, who would not expect it. Keeping this in mind, Google Cloud has developed a new solution called Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD). It has been developed to protect crypto miners from security breaches. This tool will detect potential crypto mining malware attacks, also known as cryptojacking.

Google Cloud’s Security Command Center Team Motive To provide security to crypto miners by using virtual machines. Virtual machines allow businesses to run an operating system. It behaves like app window on PC as separate computer.

The VMTD tool will perform memory scanning to detect malware. It will also protect its users from falling prey to ransomware and data exfiltration attacks. For Google Cloud users, it will serve as a third layer of security with solutions like Event Threat Detection and Container Threat Detection. Google has said that VMTD will be integrated with other parts of Google Cloud in the coming months.

It has been developed by Google Cloud after the detection of hacking threats looming large over crypto mining activities. In November last year, it analyzed 50 cases where Google Cloud Protocol was compromised. It was found that 86 percent of these cases were related to crypto mining. One of Google Cloud Report claims that hackers are ready to hijack a GPU to mine crypto assets.

By the way, the threat of cyber attack is also hovering over Google Chrome users. Due to the many vulnerabilities present in the browser, the Government of India has warned the users against being vulnerable to cyber attacks. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has advised users to update Chrome browser to avoid targeted attacks. It is said that the hacker can gain access to the system by using arbitrary code. Earlier this month, Google fixed the vulnerability in Chrome 98. CERT-In has put the seriousness of the matter in the ‘high’ category.



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