Google kill very popular social media feature YouTube stories

Attention YouTube creators! A feature is being discontinued on this popular video streaming platform. From June 26 next month, the option of YouTube Stories will not be available. One blog post The company has given this information. YouTube has said that any Stories that are live before June 26 will expire 7 days after the date they were shared. From June 26, no YouTube creator will get the option of Stories.

Google-owned YouTube introduced the YouTube Stories feature in the year 2017. Through this creators promote their big videos. The blog post also reveals that the company wants to focus on other video avenues like YouTube shorts, Live etc. YouTube has said it is killing Stories to prioritize these core features. YouTube has asked content creators to focus on community posts and YouTube shorts.

YouTube will also inform its creators about recent developments through different mediums. It will be told through forum post, in-app message, reminder that YouTube Stories is being closed. The special thing is that the Stories feature was not the product of YouTube. It was created taking inspiration from Snapchat. This feature was for creators who had reached a certain threshold of subscribers and wanted to promote their larger videos with shorter videos. The company is now focusing on community posts and YouTube shorts.

earlier this year youtube had told that it is starting to share the advertising revenue with the creators who make shorts videos. YouTube will take 55 percent of the revenue and 45 percent will go to the creator. This program has started from 1 February. YouTube has also implemented the new Partner Program Agreement for this, which creators have till July 10 to accept.



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