Government gave big relief to businessmen, now can do this work till May 24

Taxpayers got a big relief from the government’s decision.

GST Return Filing: The government has extended the due date for filing Form GSTR-3B (GSTR-3B) for the month of April 2022 till May 24, 2022. Infosys has bagged a contract worth Rs 1,380 crore for the maintenance of the GST Portal.

The central government has given big relief to the traders. government in April GST ,GST) The due date of payment has been extended till 24th May 2022. The government has taken this decision after a technical glitch in the Goods and Services Tax portal. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has given this information by tweeting. After a technical glitch in the GSTN portal, the central government on Tuesday announced the notification of information technology company Infosys (Infosys) to remove the problems coming on the portal at the earliest. GSTR-3B is filed on 20th of every month.

Explain that the due date for filing GST Return-3B (GSTR-3B) every month for businesses with sales of more than Rs 5 crore is the 20th of the next month. According to this, the April return was to be filed by May 20 and after the order of the tax authority, now they will get additional time.

CBIC said in a tweet, the due date for filing Form GSTR-3B (GSTR-3B) for the month of April 2022 has been extended up to May 24, 2022. CBIC in a separate order also said that quarterly return filing as GST PMT-06 (GST PMT-06) but due date for payment of tax for the month of April by taxpayers under Monthly Tax Payment Scheme has been extended till May 27. Has been.

Taxpayers got extra time

Infosys has reported a technical glitch in the computation of GSTR-2B and auto-population of GSTR-3B for April, 2022. GSTR-2B is the details of self generated Input Tax Credit (ITC), which is available to each of the registered units of GST on the basis of information filed by the suppliers in their respective sales return Form GSTR-1.

Usually the GSTR-2B statement is made available to the businessmen on the 12th of the following month. Based on this, ITC can be claimed. You can also pay tax and file GSTR-3B.

Infosys has got the contract to maintain the portal

In the year 2015, information technology company Infosys was given a contract of Rs 1,380 crore for the preparation and maintenance of the GST system or portal.

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GSTN has removed its advisory related to filing GSTR3B of April 22 from the portal. Therefore, do not use the details of GSTR2A for claiming ITC while filing the return. The government has said that it is seriously considering to extend the due date.