Government is withdrawing mandatory hallmarking on gold jewellery, know what is the truth?

The government said that the mandatory ‘hallmarking’ on gold jewelery is being implemented in a phased manner from June 16 and the circular saying that it is being withdrawn is fake. . The official statement said, it is being reported on some social media that the Government of India has issued an order to withdraw the mandatory hallmarking system on gold jewellery. This is completely bogus.

The mandatory hallmarking system for gold jewelery and artefacts has come into effect from June 16 in a phased manner. In the first phase, 256 districts have been included. Hallmarking on gold jewelery is a certification of the purity of the precious metal. It was voluntary till now.

Gold hallmarking started in 256 districts

The government has identified 256 districts in 28 states and union territories for implementation of the first phase of gold hallmarking. In the list of states, maximum 24 districts have been identified from Tamil Nadu for implementation of mandatory gold hallmarking. It is followed by Gujarat 23 districts and Maharashtra 22 districts. Around 19 districts in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh have been identified for mandatory hallmarking of gold.

Seven districts each have been identified in Delhi and Telangana, while 12 districts in Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, 13 districts in Kerala, 14 districts in Karnataka and 15 districts in Haryana have been identified. Sarafs of 256 districts have been allowed to sell gold jewelery of 14, 18 and 22 carats with quality stamp.

Presently 945 gold hallmarking centers across the country

Gold hallmarking will help prevent black marketing of gold jewelery and ensure that they get pure quality gold. Let us tell you that during the last 5 years, the number of gold hallmarking centers across the country has increased by about 25 percent from 454 to 945. Out of this, 84 such centers have been set up under the subsidy scheme of the Central Government.

Advantages of Gold Hallmarking

Hallmarking determines whether a goldsmith, jeweler or bullion gives a kind of quality to its customers. Currently, 14, 18, 20, 22, 23 and 24 carat jewelery has been allowed to be sold. That is, any goldsmith will save jewelry of this carat and will give full information to the customer. Now the question is that how will a customer know that the jewelery that comes to his hand is made of pure gold and that its caratage is correct.

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