Government wants access to WhatsApp’s encrypted chats and calls

The central government is drafting a new law to gain access to encrypted chats and calls on popular messaging services WhatsApp and Signal. Due to the encrypted chats on WhatsApp, no one can access them, including the app developer and the government. However, the government wants to change this situation and for this new legislation has been proposed. With this, the government can get access to encrypted communication.

If this law If passed, it can have a big impact on data privacy. It proposes to introduce a legal framework on the interception of OTT apps and services, including WhatsApp and Signal. Feedback can be taken from the public on this. The definition of telecommunication services in the law includes electronic mail, voice mail, video and data communication services, landline and mobile services, Internet and broadband services, satellite-based communication services, Internet-based communication services and certain other means of communication. Any service can be added to this definition and it allows the government to access encrypted chats, voice calls and video calls.

Under Section 24 of the draft of this Act, the Government or any of its representatives may seek access to chats or calls in the event of a public emergency or in the interest of public safety. Encryption is a technology that prevents a third party from monitoring the communication between two parties. In the event of this law coming into force, WhatsApp and Signal will have to remove the feature of encrypted messages or they will have the option of shutting down their operations in the country. WhatsApp imposed a permanent ban on about 2.4 million accounts in India in July. WhatsApp The company had told that it has itself banned about 1.4 million accounts and no reports were received from users for these accounts.

Earlier this year, several VPN firms shut down their servers in the country as a protest against the enforcement of the law to keep records of their users’ data and share it with authorities. These firms started using virtual servers to serve local customers. <!–


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