Govinda replies to Krushna’s apology: Mama Govinda said on apologizing to nephew Krishna, said – all this for the camera

Mama Govinda said on Krishna’s apology

Govinda’s reply comes almost a month after Krishna (Krishna Abhishek) appeared on Manish’s podcast. Govinda has also given his reaction on Krishna’s apology and his words in Manish’s podcast itself.

Last month, Krushna Abhishek was very emotional about his maternal uncle Govinda on Maniesh Paul’s show. He said that his statements have always been distorted by the media and he was actually his uncle. Govinda (Govinda) remembers. Now, Mama Govinda has responded to his nephew Krishna’s apology by saying ‘let this love of Krishna also be seen off-camera’. Let us tell you, Krishna Abhishek is the son of hero number one Govinda’s late sister Padma. Huh.

Relations with Govinda have been strained

Krishna has had a strained relationship with Govinda, his wife Sunita Ahuja since 2016. In 2018, Govinda’s wife Sunita got angry with Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah’s tweet. In this tweet, Kashmira talked about ‘people who dance for money’. Sunita felt that Kashmira was targeting Govinda through this post. After this incident, Krishna and Govinda have often spoken about the strained relationship between them on many shows and in interviews.

Krushna Abhishek wants to reunite with maternal uncle

Govinda recently presented his Dil Ki Baat in front of everyone in Maniesh Paul’s podcast. When asked about his relationship with Krishna, he said, “He has accepted and decided that something wrong is happening in his life because of me.” Let us tell you, this uncle-nephew pair has done many shows together.

Know what is Govinda’s answer

When Manish told Govinda that Krishna was apologizing to him when he spoke with Manish. Then Govinda replied about this and said, “Then let Pyaar appear off-camera too. He is a boy brought up with a good upbringing and this is visible. But he needs to know that he is being used by writers, and there is a limit to allowing himself to be used.” Now it will be interesting to see what reaction comes from Krushna Abhishek and his wife Kashmera on this reply of Mama.