Govinda’s wife Sunita was furious at Krishna’s wife Kashmira, said- the troubles started when the evil daughter-in-law brought

The dispute between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek is not taking the name of lessening. Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja has been targeting Krishna and his wife Kashmera Shah a lot for some time now. Now recently Sunita has expressed her anger on Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah. He has called Kashmira a bad daughter-in-law. Sunita said in her latest interview that problems in public always come because of the statements made by Krishna.

Let us tell you that recently Krishna, Govinda and Sunita were not seen in the episodes of Kapil Sharma Show. Krishna had said that both the parties do not want to share the stage with each other. After that this matter became very big. Sunita had targeted Krishna’s talent, after which when Kashmera Shah asked for her reaction on this, she said who Sunita. Now Sunita has spoken on Kashmira’s statement.

Bad daughter-in-law told Kashmira

Sunita said, ‘I do not answer wrong things. Even after taking care of them like a mother, they are behaving like this with us. The problems in the house started when we brought a bad daughter-in-law. I don’t want to name anyone. I have a lot to work for in life. I handle Govinda’s work. Govinda has already said that he does not want to bring public matter to the public but some people want publicity and they keep making issues.

Sunita further said, ‘We do not want the footage. Those who want footage, they do such acts. Sometimes he is ready to say sorry and many times I patched up. But now we cannot tolerate bad things. It is our self respect. Who is she to speak in the middle? I have been Govinda’s wife for 36 years and she has come now. We are happy in our life and I have a lot of work to do, I don’t have time to see such people.

Don’t want to see Krishna’s face

Let us tell you that earlier in an interview, Sunita had said that this issue has been going on for 3 years and now she will not solve this issue herself. Sunita had said, ‘Those who were brought up by raising them are doing misbehavior today. What if I had thrown her out of the house after my mother-in-law passed away? I don’t even want to see Krishna’s face anymore.

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