GT vs CSK, IPL 2023 Final: Shubman Gill’s ‘Mission 123’, will kill two birds with one stone in the final! , GT vs CSK, IPL 2023 Final: Shubman Gill eyes on Virat Kohli big record, 123 runs away from him in most runs in a season

Gill has a bigger mission in the IPL Final! (Photo: PTI)

New Delhi: Same ground, same conditions. In front of Gujarat Titans IPL 2023 The opponent in the final would just have revenge. And, along with it the mission of his opener Shubman Gill will change. This time Gill will target Mission 123. Will hit two targets with one stone. Now you must be thinking that what is all this? So its strings are connected with bridging the distance between Gujarat and the title. Joining Gill from that milestone, where he will be the only player to reach.

In IPL 2023, Gujarat Titans have twelve. Be that as it may, the team is playing its second consecutive final. But, Shubman Gill’s role is most important in bringing him here. Now the final battle with CSK is the last challenge of Gujarat Titans and all eyes are once again on Gill to deal with it.

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If Gill’s ‘Mission 123’ is successful Gujarat will win!

Shubman Gill is in amazing form and no weakness is visible in his game. The biggest example of this is the century in 3 out of the last 4 matches. Now if Gill’s mission 123 is successful, then not only can it destroy Chennai’s challenge, but along with making Gujarat Titans the champion, he can also make the record of scoring the most runs in a season of IPL.

Gill’s eye on Virat Kohli’s record

Currently, the record of 973 runs in a season of IPL is in the name of Virat Kohli. Shubman Gill is 123 runs behind to surpass that magical figure made in IPL 2016. Gill has scored 851 runs in 16 matches played so far in IPL 2023 at a strike rate of 156.43. During this he has scored 3 centuries.

Means another century. Gill’s another big innings in the playoffs can not only make Gujarat the champion. Rather, through him, Gill can also break Virat Kohli’s big record. Not only this, apart from breaking the record of runs, he will also equal his 4 centuries. Meaning, Shubman Gill can be seen on the field of Ahmedabad, hitting two targets with one stone.

How is Gill’s performance against Chennai?

Now the question is will it really be possible for Gill to do this against Chennai. So statistics say the task is not easy. But Gill’s current form says that nothing is impossible now. Shubman Gill Has scored 301 runs in 12 matches against Chennai at an average of 126. The best score is 63 runs, which he scored in the first match of the league stage of the same season. In these 12 matches, he has scored 3 half-centuries.

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