GT vs MI, Qualifier 2 IPL 2023: Why was Shubman Gill disappointed even after scoring a century? , GT vs MI Qualifier 2 IPL 2023: Shubman Gill looked upset after getting out after scoring century

Shubman Gill returned after being dismissed in the 17th over.Image Credit source: BCCI

New Delhi: Third century in four innings. Most runs and dozens of records in IPL 2023 season. In a stunning innings in the qualifier match against Mumbai Indians Shubman Gill Has achieved all this. When Gujarat needed a win to reach the final, then its young star Gill created panic by playing the best innings of this season. Despite this, he was angry when Gill was out. The question is why?

Will answer this question further. First let us tell you about the wonders of Gill. It rained for some time in Ahmedabad on the evening of Friday 26 May, due to which the start of the match was delayed by half an hour. Then when the match started, Shubman Gill’s bat rained heavily. Gill scored his third century this season and laid the foundation for the team to reach big scores.

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Gill’s storm came again

This was Shubman Gill’s third century in this season. He touched this figure in 49 balls. Gill was then dismissed in the 17th over. He faced 60 balls in his innings and got out after playing an amazing inning of 129 runs. Gill scored 10 sixes and 7 fours in his innings. He was dismissed by Akash Madhwal. Even after doing so much, when Gill was returning after getting out, he was shaking his head in despair.

Obviously everyone would be surprised that why Gill was disappointed even after such an innings. Gill did not answer this, but the reason for his disappointment can be understood from the situation of the match. In fact, when Gill was out, Gujarat’s score was 192 runs in 16.5 overs. Although this score was enough, but the reason for Gill’s disappointment was probably hidden here.

That’s why Shubman Gill was disappointed

In fact, the death overs had already started when Gill got out. Means the last over. In such a situation, the team needed maximum runs in the remaining 3 overs. Now if any new batsman comes to the crease, he will have trouble in playing big shots immediately. Whereas Gill was already set and was playing big shots easily.

Shubman Gill He was also aware of this and in such a situation, he knew that due to his dismissal, the team would lose some runs. However, Gujarat still managed to score 41 runs in the last 3.1 overs. Captain Hardik Pandya scored 28 runs in just 13 balls for him. The team finally managed to score 233 runs losing 3 wickets, which is the team’s highest score.

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