Guard on studies! Taliban banned the entrance exam for girls, said this order

After assuming power in August 2021, the Taliban had promised that it would give all rights to women. But he slowly went back on his promise. Now the situation is that women and girls are being tortured. Their rights are being violated.

Taliban has Afghanistan Ever since I took over power, atrocities are being committed against women and girls here. Their rights are being violated. Atrocities are being done with them. The freedom of women and girls is being banned. They are not being allowed to study, they have also been banned from doing jobs. The Taliban have imposed various restrictions regarding women and girls.

At the same time, in the meantime, the Taliban has given another decree regarding female students. The Taliban, the ‘enemy’ of education, has ordered private universities not to allow female students to sit for university entrance exams. According to news agency Reuters, the Taliban-run Ministry of Higher Education has sent this order to private universities in Afghanistan. Strict action will be taken for violating the order.

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Taliban is the enemy of education!

In December last year, the Taliban government banned women from going to university to get an education. This decision of Taliban was condemned by many Muslim countries of the world including India. On December 20, the Taliban ordered an indefinite ban on women going to universities to get education. A day after this, the girls were stopped from going to the university.

guarded the freedom of women

Earlier in November, the Taliban had banned women from visiting parks, fairs, gyms and public baths. Women were completely confined to homes. At the same time, girls were completely removed from education. After assuming power in August 2021, the Taliban had promised that it would give all rights to women. Along with this, he also said that he will not violate human rights.

But what about the promises, the reality is something else, which is visible. After capturing power, they (Taliban) gradually went back on their promises, due to which women and girls were deprived of their freedom. The freedom of women and girls was guarded.