Gulshan Kumar used to sell fruit juice in Delhi, know things related to him on his death anniversary

Gulshan Kumar also gave a chance to new talents in the music industry in the film industry. He launched great singers like Kumar Sanu, Anuradha Paudwal and Sonu Nigam.

Gulshan Kumar

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Everyone is aware of the name of Gulshan Kumar. Today is Gulshan Kumar’s death anniversary. Gulsh Kumar used to have a lot of name in the 1980s-90s. Meanwhile he T-Series The foundation of the company was laid, which today has become the number one music company of the country. Let us inform that Gulshan Kumar was born on 5 May 1956, but on this day i.e. 12 August 1997, he said goodbye to the world forever. His hymns are still alive in the hearts and tongues of the people.

Gulshan Kumar used to sell fruit juices

Please tell that Gulshan Kumar used to sell fruit juices with his father in Daryaganj, Delhi. When he was 23 years old, he took a shop with the help of his family. Gulshan Kumar used to sell audio cassettes at the shop. Just after this he decided to start his own work. Gulshan Kumar opened a cassette shop in Delhi itself. It is the hard work of Gulshan Kumar, due to which today T-Series is the biggest music company in India. Gulshan Kumar started audio cassettes work under the name Super Cassette Industry.

Gulshan Kumar used to pay the highest tax

Very few people probably know that Gulshan Kumar used to pay the highest tax. Let us tell you that in the period of 1992-93, Gulshan Kumar was the highest tax payer. The 90s in Mumbai were no less than a dark shadow. In that period, Abu Salem and Dawood were dominant. It is said that Gulshan Kumar did not bow down to the demand of extortion of the underworld of Mayanagari.

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Gulshan Kumar was murdered

Gulshan Kumar used to go to the temple everyday. gulshan kumar ending puja Jiteshwar Mahadev Temple standing outside. He had finished the puja at around 10.40 pm. During this, a man shot. It is said that Gulshan Kumar was hit by 16 bullets. He was shot dead in Mumbai. It is said that the accused of his murder was sentenced to life imprisonment after 4 years. Even today, Bhandara is held in Vaishno Devi in ​​the name of Gulshan Kumar.