Gun celebration by Ravindra Jadeja, taking the wicket of Maxwell ..

Chennai Super Kings The captain of Ravindra Jadeja may not have played the bat at the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai today. But, by bowling, he definitely made the main victim. In today’s match, the manner in which he shocked the explosive batsman Glenn Maxwell of Royal Challengers Bangalore was worth seeing. The edge of Ravindra Jadeja’s ball was also seen against RCB, chasing a mountain-like score of 216 runs. After taking Maxwell on his target, he celebrated this wicket in a special way.

Ravindra Jadeja’s special celebration after taking the wicket of Glenn Maxwell

Ravindra Jadeja firing celebration

In fact, when all-rounder Glenn Maxwell entered the crease, RCB had lost its 3 important wickets. But, seeing Maxwell’s batting style, it seemed that there was no pressure on him to fall wickets and he was busy showing his aggressive avatar. This foreign batsman, who had scored 26 runs in just 11 balls, had indicated to become a hindrance in the victory of CSK.

But, Ravindra Jadeja did not approve of this. He caught Glenn Maxwell (Ravindra Jadeja) in his net for the seventh time and showed the way back to the pavilion. He clean bowled Maxwell, who was playing on 26 runs, and after that he celebrated it in a very special way, which you will also like a lot. This is Chennai’s first win against RCB after 4 consecutive defeats in the IPL as captain.

Video of Jaddu’s gun celebration went viral

  Ravindra Jadeja Gun Celebration VIDEO  Ravindra Jadeja Gun Celebration VIDEO

Australian batsman Maxi, who was batting in today’s match, failed to read the pace of Ravindra Jadeja’s arm delivery. The ball came in and hit Maxwell badly before hitting the stumps, then what was the ball going straight to the bails. As soon as he took this wicket, he fired with a gun. Yes, Jaddu celebrated this new and unique celebration of shooting with a gun.

A video related to this is also becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which you can see that after getting Maxi out, Jaddu is pointing to Maxi with the help of his 2 fingers, considering it as a gun. Believe me this style of his will touch your heart too. Jadeja took 3 wickets in today’s match.