GVK rejected Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, said- there was no pressure from Adani Group

He told NDTV that “there was no pressure from the Adani Group or anyone else to sell the Mumbai airport. Selling the airport was the need of the company.”

GV Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman of GVK Group, has responded to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations. Let me tell you, Rahul Gandhi had alleged that the Modi government put pressure on the GVK Group and asked the group to sell the Mumbai airport. On this, the Vice Chairman of GVK Group replied in an interview on Tuesday that Rahul Gandhi’s allegations are false. He told NDTV that “there was no pressure from Adani Group or anyone else to sell Mumbai airport. Selling the airport was the need of the company. tell me, Adani Airport Holdings Limited In July 2021, acquired the Mumbai airport from GVK.

Giving a statement to NDTV, Reddy said that “I tell about this transaction. You know maybe a year before the sale, we were looking at raising funds because we had debt in our airport holding company about 10 years ago when we acquired the Bangalore airport and to pay off the debt we were looking for investors We were telling and we had partnered with three investors.

GVK gave information about Adani Group

GVK Group has invested more than $5 billion in different businesses in the last 20 years. He said, “Adani was interested to invest in this company and we also had to repay the loan, so we sold the company to him. Yes, they definitely had some conditions like any international investor and then we got hit by Covid. The airport remained closed for three months due to Corona, we had zero revenue. Because of which we were trying to work with them to complete this transaction soon, but it was not happening.

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Responding in Parliament to Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that GVK forced the sale of Mumbai airport to the Adani Group, Reddy said, “As far as I understand, we did the deal with Gautam Adani because the company had to It was needed. We had to repay the loan. There was no pressure from anyone else. I would not like to comment on other things said in Parliament, because I do not want to get into politics on this.