Hansal Mehta regrets working with Kangana Ranaut, said – she does not listen to anyone in front of her…

Kangana Ranaut and Hansal Mehta

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In the year 2017 film ‘Simran’ director Hansal Mehta has given a big statement about Kangana Ranaut. Kangana was in the lead role in this film.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is mostly in the headlines due to her outspoken statements. Kangana Ranaut speaks without any hesitation. Along with her flamboyant statements, Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) is also known for tremendous screen presence. Kangana Ranaut’s interest is in acting as well as in the field of direction. She is involved in every major decision related to her film. Meanwhile, Hansal Mehta, director of the 2017 film ‘Simran’, has made a big statement about Kangana Ranaut. Kangana was in the lead role in this film. However, this film could not do much at the box office.

Big mistake working with Kangana

Director Hansal Mehta worked with Kangana in the film ‘Simran’. The film proved to be a flop at the box office. Let us tell you that ‘Simran’ was released in 2017. Hansal Mehta said about working with Kangana that it was his big mistake. At the same time, he admitted that Kangana is still a big star. Earlier, ‘Simran’ writer Apoorva Asrani had claimed that Kangana had taken over the director’s post after Hansal left the project. When asked if Kangana had taken up film production, Hansal Mehta replied that she had nothing left to handle as she had only shot what she wanted to shoot. .

Kangana only thinks about herself

Talking to an online portal, director Hansal Mehta said that Kangana is a ‘talented’ actress. But he feels that he has limited himself by making films about himself. He further said, ‘You don’t have to make all the characters who you want to believe you are. Hansal Mehta further said that she is talking only about herself. She said that this is not the place to criticize her for what option she chooses.

Let us tell you that director Hansal Mehta is known for the films ‘Shahid’ and ‘City Lights’. Apart from this, his web series ‘Scam 1992’ was highly appreciated. Prateek Gandhi was in the lead role in this web series. After which he started being counted among the successful actors. However, the director of the film Simran, Hansal Mehtana made a big statement about actress Kangana Ranaut.

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