Hanuman Chalisa Record: YouTube record of Gulshan Kumar’s Hanuman Chalisa! Made the first video with so many billion views

Hanuman Chalisa has created a new record on YouTube. Gulshan Kumar’s Hanuman Chalisa video has become the most viewed video on YouTube. Hariharan’s voice is given in this video. The video was uploaded to the streaming platform on 10 May 2011. And it has become the most viewed video ever. That is, no video in the world has been viewed so many times. Let us tell you how many views this video has made a record.

Gulshan Kumar started T-Series Company in 1983. This video of Hanuman Chalisa has been made by T-Series itself, and this video made by his company has now spread all over the world. The video has been viewed more than 3 billion times. It is being said that no big hit video has got so many views till now. This Youtube Has become the most viewed video.

In the video you can see that Gulshan Kumar is seen singing Hanuman Chalisa. The length of this video is 9.41 minutes. This Hanuman Chalisa video was made by T-Series in 2011, which is now more than 11 years old. A while back, the race for the number 1 YouTube channel saw a fierce battle between PewDiePie and T-Series which went on for several months. Then T-Series channel achieved the number 1 title.
Now this video of T-Series has also set a record. Which has become the most viewed video in the world. According to media reports, by 2021, 100 crore views of this video had been completed. Now it has got 300 crore views. The video has also got 1.2 crore likes. About 15 lakh comments have also been made on this. Along with this, users have also expressed happiness on crossing 3 billion views of this video. <!–


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