Harbhajan to Widdhiman Saha to name the journalist

Indian Cricket Team Veteran wicket-keeper batsman Wriddhiman Saha did not find a place in the selected Test team on Sunday. After this, he has shared the screenshot of his conversation with a journalist through social media. In which the journalist is seen treating him in a very wrong way. After this misbehavior with Wriddhiman Saha, Harbhajan Singh has urged him to save the name of the person whose journalist sent him such a message.

Bhajji urges cricketer to name journalist

In fact, while sending a screenshot of the message made by the journalist, the wicket-keeper batsman of the team wrote in the caption, I am being treated like this by a journalist after doing everything for Indian cricket. After seeing this tweet of his, many veterans including former cricketer Virender Sehwag and now Harbhajan Singh have come out in his support. Replying to this tweet, Sehwag wrote that, ‘It’s quite sad. He is neither a respected nor a journalist. It’s just slapstick. We are with you.

At the same time, Bhajji also expressed his displeasure on this tweet and tagging BCCI, Sourav Ganguly, Jay Shah and Arun Singh Dhumal wrote that,

“Protect the players. Along with this, he also wrote in his tweet, Wriddhiman Saha, you just name the person (journalist) from whom the cricket community also knows who works like this. Otherwise good people will also be suspected. What kind of journalism is this?”

RP Singh also tweeted in favor of the wicketkeeper

RP Singh Asks Widdhiman Saha To Reveal The Journalist

After this, former India’s left-arm fast bowler RP Singh also made a tweet in favor of the cricketer. in which he wrote,

When it comes to BCCI or cricketers, we all hear a lot of ‘sources’ from journalists. Can any one source tell me who is this so called journalist who has threatened Saha?’

What is the whole matter related to the journalist

Wriddhiman Saha

Actually, the name of this wicketkeeper is not included in the Indian Test team selected for the Sri Lanka Test series. After which the cricketer himself expressed his displeasure over this and gave his interview to a few selected journalists. The name of a journalist was not in the list of Indian cricketers. Which got angry on the cricketer. He gave a message to Wriddhiman Saha. In the chat you can see that the journalist forcibly tells him, ‘Give me an interview. that would be nice. If you want to be Democratic, I will not push.

I do not accept insults calmly – journalist

Widdhiman Saha

The journalist has not only written that, but he further wrote in the message sent by him,

‘You didn’t call me. Now I will never interview you. I never accept insults calmly. I will always remember this. What you did, you should not have done this to me.