Harmanpreet breaks Lanning’s title Tilism, completes revenge by winning Mumbai. harmanpreet kaur finally beat meg lanning in the ttile clash after previous failure wpl 2023 mumbai indians vs delhi capitals

Mumbai Indians defeated Delhi Capitals in the final of the Women’s Premier League and with this, Mumbai captain Harmanpreet Kaur ended the title drought against Delhi captain Meg Lanning.

Harmanpreet Kaur’s Mumbai won the title of the first season of WPL.

Image Credit source: WPL Photo

Mumbai: The Women’s Premier League has got its first winner. Mumbai Indians, captained by Harmanpreet Kaur, won the title by defeating Delhi Capitals in the final match played on Sunday. Mumbai won this match by seven wickets. with this Harmanpreet Kaur Did the work against Lanning which she had never been able to do before. But this time Harmanpreet did not miss the opportunity and gave the pain that Harmanpreet herself has suffered by turning water on Lanning’s wishes.

Batting first in the WPL title match, Delhi scored 131 runs losing nine wickets. Mumbai achieved this target by losing three wickets in 19.3 overs and broke Delhi’s dream of winning the title. In the IPL, both these teams clashed in the final in 2020 and even then Mumbai won.

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battered lanning

Harmanpreet and Lanning have clashed many times before. Lanning is the captain of the Australian team while Harmanpreet is the captain of India. In the last few years, India and Australia were face-to-face in the finals or semi-finals of ICC tournaments and every time Lanning’s Australia defeated Harmanpreet, but this time Harmanpreet got the victory. Under the captaincy of Harmanpreet Kaur, India Had stepped into the final of the T20 World Cup in 2020 but was defeated by Australia captained by Lanning.

After this, these two teams faced each other in the final of Commonwealth Games last year and even then Lanning’s captaincy Australia defeated Harmanpreet’s team India. In the same year, the T20 World Cup was played in the hosting of South Africa. In the semi-finals of this World Cup, India again faced Australia and then Lanning was defeated by Australia.

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Captain did a great job

This time, however, Harmanpreet’s team won. In the final of WPL, Harmanpreet Kaur won and defeated Lanning’s team for the first time in a title match. Harmanpreet showed her captaincy as well as bat power in this match and scored 37 runs in 39 balls to win the team. Played an important role in getting Now that Harmanpreet Kaur defeated Lanning for the first time in a title match, the fans of Team India will hope that she will win the title against Lanning in the international tournament as well.

settled with Australia

With this Harmanpreet Australia While settling the accounts, he has done the work which Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not do. The first season of IPL was played in 2008, whose final was played between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. Dhoni was the captain of Chennai and Shane Warne was the captain of Rajasthan. Australia’s Warne had won and Dhoni was disappointed. The final of WPL was also between India and Australia in a way, in which Harmanpreet Kaur won and did the work which Dhoni could not do.

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