Harmanpreet’s run-out controversy bluntly said – English batsman was repeating this act

Deepti Sharma had run out England batsman Charlie Dean on a non-strike in the third ODI at Lord’s, which England is telling against the spirit of the game.

Captain Kaur clearly said that whatever Deepti did, she did it within the limits of the rules.

Image Credit source: Twitter/BCCI Women

Indian Cricket Team Not only did he make a historic clean sweep in the ODI series in England, but on the go, he got a slap on the face of those who cried for ‘sportsmanship’ in England cricket and world cricket. Deepti Sharma Run out England batsman Charlie Dean, which enraged the English cricketers and the media there and since then the debate has been going on. So once again the captain Harmanpreet Kaur Has made it clear that whatever happened happened within the purview of the rules.

After the victory of England, Team India has now reached Bangladesh, where the Women’s Asia Cup T20 is starting from Saturday, October 1. Obviously here too this question is not going to leave the chase of Team India and especially the Indian captain. In the press conference held before the tournament on Friday 30 September, Harmanpreet was questioned on this run out and the controversy over it.

English batsman was taking advantage

The way Captain Kaur had raised her voice strongly in favor of Deepti Sharma at Lord’s that day, Harmanpreet showed the same style this time too. The captain said that while blaming the English batsman, he said,

We have been focusing on these things for the last few matches. She was going way beyond the crease and taking unfair advantage, it was Deepti’s awareness.

not plan, but not wrong either

Although Harmanpreet also made it clear that taking the last wicket in this way was not part of the team’s plan but did not do anything wrong with the rules to win and now it should end here. Indian captain said, It was not part of the plan but everyone was playing there to win the match. Whenever you are on the field, you want to win at any cost. Most importantly, getting out like this was under the rules. We have to leave this behind and move forward.

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England crying for sportsmanship

In the last match of the ODI series at Lord’s on 24 September Deepti Sharma Run out Charlie Dean and took the last wicket. Deepti had also said on her return to the country that she was constantly being seen that Charlie was coming out of the crease and she had also talked to the umpire about it. The players of England are constantly saying that taking wickets in this way is against the spirit of the game and saying that they will never do it.