Harnaaz Sandhu became Miss Universe in 2021, embarrassed about increasing weight, broke silence

Harnaaz Sandhu, who won the title of Miss Universe in the year 2021, has responded on trollers social media after being a victim of trolling. Harnaaz said that the reason for his increasing weight is a disease.

Harnaaz Sandhu became a victim of trolling

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Harnaaz Sandhu, who won the Miss Universe title in the year 2021, remains in the headlines these days. Recently she is being trolled for her increasing weight. On which he has now broken the silence. from Israel in December Harnaaz Sandhu crowned Miss Universe Recently came to India. He has given the reason behind the increasing weight on social media. Let us tell you that he has responded to the trolling being done against him in April last. So let us tell you what is the reason behind the weight of Harnaaz?

Responding to the trolling on social media, Harnaaz Sandhu said that she is battling some disease. Due to which his weight has increased. She is suffering from celiac disease which is a digestive disease. Harnaaz Dinos is also getting it done for this disease. Not only this, due to this disease, she cannot eat wheat flour as well as many such things which are included in the daily diet.

Not only this, giving an interview to a magazine, Harnaaz also told how he feels after being a victim of constant trolling on social media and reading comments. She said that I grew up in an environment where increased weight is not made that big. Harnaaz is also very comfortable with this weight. But people trolled her for her weight, due to which she is going through a mental breakdown.

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