Harsha Bhogle came to the rescue of Deepti Sharma – played brick to brick in England

Ever since Deepti Sharma has run out (Mankad) the non-strikers and key batsman in the ODI match against England, questions are being raised on her. Now Harsha Bhogle has given an answer to the English players and the media there.

Harsha Bhogle came to the rescue of Deepti Sharma

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The English media and English players are not digesting Deepti Sharma’s run out to Charlie Dean. Despite being dismissed according to the rules of the game, a large section of the English media Deepti Sharma is bent on misrepresenting. Whereas the mistake was of Charlie Dean who left his crease even before Deepti could bowl. But the England cricketers are constantly trying to prove Deepti wrong by saying strange things. Meanwhile, the famous commentator Harsha Bhogle has given a befitting reply to the English media and the players. He made 8 tweets one after the other, in which he exposed the mentality of England.

Harsha Bhogle tweeted in support of Deepti Sharma and wrote, ‘I am shocked that a large section of the media of England is asking questions to a girl who was playing under the rules of the game while another was playing illegally And was constantly doing wrong. I think a lot of people are involved in this.

Bhogle’s attack on the mindset of the British

Harsha Bhogle wrote in his second tweet, ‘This is a cultural thing. The British felt that it was wrong to do so because they ruled a large part of cricket and they told everyone that it was wrong. The colonial rule was so powerful that only a few people questioned it. The result is that this mindset is still there that what England thinks is wrong, the other cricketing world should also consider it wrong.

Harsha Bhogle wrote in his tweet, ‘Thinking like England and looking like her is absolutely wrong. It is a similar thinking that the turning track is wrong and the seaming track is right. The reason for this is cultural. Such is their thinking. They don’t think this is wrong. That’s why the problem arises.

‘Wake up from sleep – play by the rules’

Harsha Bhogle wrote in another tweet, ‘Others will also have to wake up from the age-old colonial slumber. The easiest thing to do is to play the game according to the rules and stop worrying about interpreting the spirit of the game. Stop imposing opinions on others. The rule says that the non-striker should be behind the crease. Harsha wrote in another tweet, ‘As long as the bowler’s hand is at its top point and you follow it, then the game will go well. If you point fingers at others, as many people in England have done with Dipti, be prepared to hear questions against questions asked from your side.’

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Harsha Bhogle He further wrote, ‘Stop believing that the world should follow his words. Just like in a society where judges enforce the law of the country, so is it in cricket. Deepti played according to the rules of the game and her criticism should stop.