Has Shahrukh Khan really given 23 lakh rupees for the RO plant of Vadodara station?

After a tweet by a user named Rahul, people started trolling Shahrukh Khan, calling this news fake. People say that Shahrukh did not give any donation, but he has paid the damages on the order of the court.

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A news about actor Shahrukh Khan is becoming quite viral on social media. It is being said that Shahrukh Khan has donated 23 lakh rupees for an RO plant at Vadodara railway station in Gujarat. This donation allegedly made by Shahrukh Khan is being discussed a lot on social media, but it is important to know how much truth is there in this news. bollywood actor shahrukh There has been no official confirmation about the donation yet. But after this news has come to the fore, the question is arising that if Shahrukh has given money, then is it really a donation?

Now you must be wondering why questions are being raised on the donation of Shahrukh Khan. So let us tell you that in the year 2017, an accident happened during the promotion of the film Raees. One person had died in this accident. It happened that during the promotion of the film at Vadodara railway station, there was a sudden stampede. This stampede took place when the actor took out his T-shirt and threw it in the crowd. There was a competition among people to get Shahrukh Khan’s T-shirt, due to which one person died.

Shahrukh Khan gave compensation or donation?

After this accident, a case was registered against Shahrukh Khan. The hearing of this case went on for many years in the Gujarat court. However, after the hearing held three months ago this year, the court, while giving its verdict, dismissed the criminal case registered against Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan got relief from this case.

Now that Shahrukh Khan’s talk of donating 23 lakh rupees to the RO plant of Vadodara railway station has come to the fore, people are speculating that this is not a donation, but a compensation. It is being claimed that while dismissing the case against Shahrukh, the court had also ordered him to pay a compensation of Rs 23 lakh to the railway station as compensation. However, TV9 Bharatvarsh does not confirm how much truth is there in this. But people are seeing this donation of Shahrukh Khan only as a compensation.

A person named Rahul Kumar Pandey told his verified account that Shahrukh Khan would donate to the station. Sharing a picture of Shahrukh Khan, Rahul Kumar Pandey wrote – Shahrukh Khan recently donated 23 lakh rupees to the RO plant of Vadodara station. He had asked the administration about the need of the people of Vadodara and was told that there was a shortage of drinking water in the city.

See here Rahul Kumar Pandey’s tweet about Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan trolled

After this tweet of Rahul, people started trolling Shahrukh Khan, calling this news fake. Trolling Shahrukh Khan, a user wrote – There is no shortage of water in Vadodara and neither Shahrukh donated RO. This is an action as per the order of the court. A person had died due to a stampede in the shooting of Shahrukh. In lieu of that, the court had ordered.

Shah Rukh Khan Troll

In this way, many people are claiming that Shahrukh Khan has not donated, but he has to pay this damages after the order of the court.

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