Hate Crime: Students going to Canada be careful! Government issued alert

Indian citizens and students have been asked to register on the website of the High Commission of India or the Consulate General of India, so that they can be provided assistance when needed.

Government advice to Indians going to Canada

Image Credit source: PTI (File Photo)

The Government of India has advised Indian students studying in Canada and Canada to stay away from hate crime. Along with this, the students have been asked to be cautious about anti-India activities. Actually, Canada In the past, many anti-India activities have come to the fore. Apart from this, cases of Hate Crime have also been seen. For this reason, this advice has been given to the students by the Government of India. The government further said that the Ministry of External Affairs has taken up cases of hate crime, communal violence and anti-India activities with Canada.

Canadian authorities have been urged to investigate hate crimes and take the strictest possible action. The Ministry of External Affairs said, ‘The criminals who have committed crimes like hate crime have not been punished yet.’ The statement issued by the ministry said, ‘The reason for the increase in the above mentioned crimes is that Indian citizens or students of India residing in Canada and those going there for travel/education should be vigilant and keep an eye on their surroundings. is called.’

Indians were asked to register

The government has urged Indian citizens and students to register by visiting the website of the High Commission of India located in Ottawa or the Consulate General of India located in Toronto and Vancouver. Apart from this, they can also register by visiting the MADAD portal madad.gov.in. According to the statement of the Ministry of External Affairs, “This will help the High Commission and Consulate General to better connect with Indian citizens in Canada in case of any emergency or need.”

At the same time, India on Thursday strongly objected to the so-called Khalistani referendum in Canada. India has described it as very objectionable. India said that Canada is our friendly country, but here radical and extremist elements were allowed such politically motivated activities. The Foreign Ministry said that this issue has been taken up with Canada and such matters will continue to be taken up with Canada. The ministry said that the Khalistani referendum is completely fake.