He has created fear in his bouncers and speed batsmen, is away from the field for a year, will now make a strong comeback

Jofra Archer has been away from cricket due to elbow surgery

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Jofra Archer is an England fast bowler who has not played cricket for a long time. He has undergone surgery twice due to an elbow injury but is now ready to make a comeback.

England (England Cricket Team) K fast bowler Jofra Archer has been away from the cricket field for a long time. Known for his speed and lethal bouncer Archer (Jofra Archer) He is facing trouble due to elbow injury. It was not easy for Archer to stay away from the field. In such a situation, he is now even more desperate for his return. Archer didn’t have confidence in his replay at one point but he went to Sussex (Sussex) Very excited and happy about the return of cricket with

Archer suffered a stress fracture in the elbow during the 2019/20 tour of South Africa. Due to this he could not play the last three Tests of the series. However, he made a comeback the next year. However, when he visited India at the end of last year, he once again started having elbow problems. In July last year, he played the warm-up match of the Royal London Cup against Oxford Shire.

Archer was in trouble at the time of injury

In his column for the Daily Mail, Archer wrote, ‘After my first operation last year, I fractured my right elbow. This was followed by a second surgery. But to be honest, I could not have written a better way to return to cricket. Talking about the time of his struggle, Archer said, ‘After the first surgery last year, I felt like I was in the dark. I was not in good shape. I then understood how this affects the mental health of the players. It is very common to worry about the future at such times, but I did not rush to comeback.

Archer admits that the return will not be easy

He further said, ‘After my return, I will have to work on my bowling a little. I haven’t bowled for a long time. I will try my best to focus on my game without thinking about injury, so that my self-confidence can increase. Archer was not going to play IPL this year, but despite this, the team of Mumbai Indians had attached him with them for the ongoing season. Mumbai had spent a huge amount on Archer. Archer has so far played 13 Test matches for the English team, taking 42 wickets in 24 innings, 30 wickets in 17 innings while playing 17 ODIs and 14 successes in 12 innings while playing 12 T20 matches.