Heat Wave: Hi Heat! Not only Delhi, America-Canada also scorched, 95 people died due to heat in Oregon

Not only North India including Delhi, many countries are facing severe heat at this time. America and often cold Canada, Pakistan are getting scorching heat. In Oregon alone, at least 95 people have died due to the Pacific Northwest heat wave. Hundreds of people are believed to have died due to heatwaves in the northwestern part of the US and southwestern Canada in the past week.

“After incidents like this, we always review and see what we can do next time,” the province’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, told CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ program on Sunday. The maximum temperature in Portland has touched 47 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature in Seattle has touched 42 degrees Celsius. The heat is also increasing in the eastern part of America. In many parts of Idaho and eastern Montana, temperatures were as high as 38 degrees on Sunday.

appeal to people to drink water

Government officials have warned people for the heat. Also appealed to them to make arrangements for cooling stations and drinking water at different places. This can save the lives of those who have strayed. Governor Brown said that we have already lost many people. Scientists believe that this rare heat wave is being seen due to global warming.

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