Hema Malini and Dharmendra have been living separately for a year, the actress said – why the decision had to be taken? dharmendra and hema malini has not each other for more than a year

Hema Malini and Dharmendra (Dharmendra) have been living apart for 1 year. Dharmendra is living alone with his staff in the farmhouse.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Due to Kovid 19 many people have been away from their family. Everybody just wants to keep the family safe. Hema Malini and Dharmendra also have to stay away from each other due to this virus. Both are away for more than 1 year. In fact, as soon as the Kovid started, he quarantined himself in his farmhouse in Dharmendra. He has protected himself away from the city. At this distance, Hema Malini said, ‘This is the best way to keep them safe. For now, our health is important rather than being with them. We have to be strong at such a time even if we had to sacrifice something.

Let me tell you that Dharmendra got vaccinated a few days ago. While getting the vaccine, he had told everyone, ‘We all should get the vaccine. If all of you want to fight this virus, then you have to follow social distancing and do vaccination. I feel bad seeing that people still do not wear masks and do not follow the guidelines of Kovid.

Postpone shooting for 2 of his own

Due to Kovid, his 2 director Anil Sharma has pushed the shooting forward. Actually, he and the rest of the film’s members are also worried about Dharmendra’s health. No one wants that Dharmendra’s health deteriorates because of the film. Now when the shooting will be late, the release date of the film will also be changed.

Anil also says that theaters will be fully opened only after a few months, then it would be right if the film is released. The shooting of the film, which was to begin now, will now be in July. Actually, while talking to the Times of India, Anil said, ‘We have not started shooting for the film yet, so it is not possible to release the film on Diwali. Apart from this, theaters of the film will open only after a few months, so there is no hurry about the film at the moment.

Dharmendra’s health is most important

Anil further said, ‘The most important for us is Dharmendra’s health. It is not right to call him on a shoot at such a time, so when the situation is correct, then he will start shooting for the film. Anil says that he was about to start shooting in Punjab, but now he has taken the shooting location to London. According to reports, the shooting of the film will begin in Sulai in London.

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