High Salary Jobs: These fields have the highest salary, can easily make a career, see complete details here

High Salary Jobs: A massive change has been seen due to Corona. As every work is being seen digitally, the career prospects in these fields have also increased.

These areas have the highest salary (indicative picture)

High Salary Jobs: good job and high salary (High Salary Jobs) Everyone wants, for this often youth are looking for which course to do and in which field. career Create. With the passage of time, many such changes come which are being seen as a career opportunity. Especially due to Corona, a massive change has been seen. As everything is being seen digitally, the career prospects in these fields have also increased. The field of digital is also very big, so you can choose the work of your choice in these areas. digital (Digital Field) There are immense career opportunities in the field of engineering, which provides many things along with good salary, so let’s know which are those fields in which you can make your future.

This digitization has increased the demand for skilled talent with specific technical skills and aptitude to meet the new challenges faced by businesses. organizations in emerging areas such as data science (Data Sciecne), Data Analytics, AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing), Cyber ​​Security, Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing) and product manager (Product Manager) Professionals with expertise are needed.

Data Scientists

With companies going digital and churning out huge amounts of data, data scientists are among the most sought after professionals. According to a report by India Today, the demand for Data Scientist has increased by 29 percent year on year. The organization is actively hiring data scientists with programming, data visualization and machine learning skills to help them make data-driven business decisions.

Given this huge demand, data scientists can consider a basic salary of 36 percent higher than most professionals in the analytics industry. Ideally, an entry-level data scientist in India has a package of 5-7 lakhs per year, 12-15 lakhs per year at normal, and 21-25 lakhs/year at senior level.

Cyber ​​Security Specialists

Due to the massive digital transformation, the security of data and digital data has become a priority today. There is an increasing demand for highly skilled cyber security professionals with problem-solving, analytical and computer forensic skills to decode and trace all computational activity in the tech industry. Cyber ​​security professionals ensure that individuals, governments and businesses are protected against all types of cyber threats. Its starting salary is 6 lakh / year, 10-12 lakh / year at normal level and 30-40 lakh / year at senior level.

Cloud Engineers and Architects

The cloud is the future of all organizational and consumer functions. Cloud Software Engineers, Cloud Architects and Cloud Infrastructure Engineers are in-demand roles. According to a report by IDC, India’s public cloud services market will reach $10.8 billion by 2025. Professionals with a degree in cloud computing, programming, database management and Linux skills are increasingly in demand in the market. Talking about its salary, the salary increase can be up to 60 percent. In cloud computing, candidates get 6-8 lakhs / year initially, 10-12 lakhs / year at normal level and 30 lakhs / year at senior level. Some experienced domain experts can earn up to 70 lakhs/year.

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Product Managers

Product Managers There is a demand for professionals such as technical experts, management professionals, communicators and success campaigners. They are responsible for the launch and update of product features. It is one of the most sought after roles in recent times. According to PayScale, the average salary of a Product Manager in India is Rs 17,41,318 per annum and can go up to 20 lakhs per annum with experience and upskilling.

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