Hima was defeated by 0.1 seconds, despite being at number three

Hima Das missed out on a place in the women’s 200m final. 0.1 second broke his dream of running in the final

Hima Das had made it to the semi-finals while topping the heat.

Image Credit source: PTI

Birmingham. to India Commonwealth Games 2022 There has been a big setback in the women’s 200m event. Hima Das missed out on making the final. Her defeat was heartbreaking for everyone, as she missed out on making the final not by 1 or 2 seconds but by 0.1 second. In the semi-finals of 200 meters, Hima finished third in 23.42 seconds. Namibia’s Christine Mboma and Australia’s Ella Connolly reached the final after finishing in the top 2 in Semi-Final 2.

Top 2 in the final

In fact, there were 3 semi-final heats in the women’s 200m category, in which the top 2 and the next two fastest runners made it to the final. Second place finisher Ella Connolly clocked 23.41 s, while Hima clocked 23.42 s. He took the same amount of time in the heat. This defeat by a close margin broke Hima’s dream of running in the final, due to which she is also very disappointed. Disappointment was clearly visible on his face after the race was over.

Qualified by staying at number 1 in the heat

Hima Das had qualified in the semi-finals of the 200m race by staying at number one in the heat. He took 23.42 seconds in the heat. Although she needed her timing better to make it to the finals, she could not improve her timing in the semi-finals and she had to bear the brunt of it. Hima easily won the heat race. His personal best in 200 meters is 22.88 seconds. Hima missed out in 200 meters, but now she has high hopes in the women’s 4 * 100 meter relay. The first round will be played on Saturday, in which the quartet of Hima Das Dutee Chand, Shrabani Nanda, NS Simi will present the challenge.