History’s most exciting marriages will happen in 2024, will be able to take ‘seven rounds’ between the stars in space 1 lakh feet above the earth

It is the dream of every couple to make their wedding memorable. For this, some couples get married abroad and on some islands. However, apart from Destination Wedding, many wonderful ways of marriage have been seen so far. Whether it is to get married under water or to get married in an airplane. Now another exciting way is going to be involved in this episode, after which the couple will be able to get married in space outside the earth.

This technology is expected to be developed by 2024. The Florida-based Space Perspectives company will develop the technology, sending the couple via a space balloon into space where they can get married inside a capsule the size of a football stadium and 100,000 feet (19 miles) above sea level. Will be swimming upstairs.

Will be able to get married 100,000 feet above the earth

According to media reports, the company’s capsule flight will cost $ 125,000 (about Rs 1 crore). This dream of people who want to get married in space can be fulfilled by 2024. According to media reports, space balloons will be able to take eight people into space after a six-hour flight to the capsule 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. The company has started selling flights by the end of June.

The firm said that people have bought entire capsules for the events and some people want to get married in space. It is being claimed that interested people can also celebrate their birthday or organize a corporate event in the capsule. The company claims that people can see an amazing view of the size of the Earth from inside this capsule. Guests will have facilities like bathroom, bar and Wi-Fi inside the capsule.

Can book seats for 2025

The company successfully launched the test vehicle – Neptune One – in June from the Space Coast Spaceport adjacent to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Let us tell you that Taber McCallum and Jane Poynter of Florida, who are husband and wife, are heading the Space Perspectives company. All seats are booked for 2024 but seats are still available for 2025.

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