How Airtel’s 5G spectrum buying will prove to be a game changer

Airtel 5G services will be launched in August 2022. It also said that the company has partnered with technology leaders like Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung to provide new technology across India.

Airtel is going to start 5G services in select cities of the country from this month.

Airtel, one of India’s leading telecommunications providers, has bagged 19,867.8 MHz (MHz) of 5G spectrum in the recently conducted auction by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. After this now Airtel in the country 5G Revolution Fully prepared to lead. This acquisition means that Airtel will be able to offer 5G services to its customers at the cheapest rates. In the auction, the government had offered 10 bands of 5G spectrum in several low-frequency bands, one high frequency and one medium frequency band. Airtel has acquired 5G spectrum in 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 3300 MHz and 26 GHz (GHz) frequency bands for 20 years at a total cost of Rs 43,084 crore.

Now Airtel has the country’s largest mobile broadband network

After achieving the 3.5 GHz (GHz) and 26 GHz (GHz) bands, Airtel now has the largest mobile broadband network in the country. The company has adopted a smart and sound spectrum strategy over the years, due to which Airtel today has the largest pool of low (low) and mid-band spectrum in the 1800/2100/2300 GHz band. This will enable the telecom giant to offer the best of 5G coverage to its customers and allow Airtel to increase the capacity by 100x at a lower cost.

Moreover, this latest spectrum acquisition has enabled Airtel to significantly reduce the payment for spectrum usage charges (SUC) and reduce the adverse SUC arbitrage as compared to new entrants.

Airtel preparing to offer the best 5G facility

Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO, Bharti Airtel said on the acquisition, “Airtel is happy with the results of the 5G auction. Getting the latest spectrum at a much lower cost than our competitors in the recent auction was part of our strategy. On being able to offer the best 5G service to the customers, he said, “We are confident that we will be able to deliver the best in coverage, speed and latency. will be able to provide the best 5G experience in India in terms of latency).

He said that with this we will be able to change the paradigms established for both our B2C and B2B customers. 5G technology is the revolution that can transform India’s manufacturing, service and many other sectors.

Airtel is going to start 5G services from August

The telco plans to launch 5G service across the country very soon, with the first being in major cities. In another statement, the company said that Airtel 5G services will be launched in August 2022. It also said that the company has partnered with technology leaders like Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung to provide new technology across India. With most smartphones now 5G enabled, the telco expects customers to adopt its services faster.

Over the years, Airtel has partnered with several leading multinational brands in the manufacturing, retail, technology and health care sectors to test 5G capabilities. For example, just last month, Airtel launched India’s first private 5G network at its Bosch facility and teamed up with Apollo Hospitals to deliver its first 5G enabled ambulance to the country. These are some of the recent additions to Airtel’s legacy in the 5G space.

Airtel was the first to test 5G in the country

Airtel was the first company to test 5G technology in India in 2018. This was followed by several other trials, including India’s first rural 5G trial, which took place on the outskirts of Delhi. Airtel was also the first company to test 5G on the 700 MHz band last year.

Airtel last year hosted the country’s first cloud gaming event on the live Airtel 5G test network. Where two pro gamers enjoy seamless online gaming on a standard smartphone. The purpose of this event was to showcase the super-fast speed and low latency of 5G, which will change the scope of internet connectivity. In March this year, Airtel organized an event called 175 Replayed, where the telco displayed the first live 5G-powered hologram in the country, featuring renowned Indian cricketer Kapil Dev. Then it showed how 5G will transform live entertainment and what else we can expect from this technology in the future.

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