How do astronauts talk to each other without speaking, NASA explained through video

As unique and interesting as the world of space looks from Earth, it is as challenging for space travelers as it is. A complete network of radio systems and communication channels works to enable passengers to communicate with each other during space missions. But situations can also be emergencies. NASA has explained in its new video how the astronauts talk to each other during the radio system shutdown or any disturbance during the mission or during the space walk.

Being an astronaut is not that easy. These travelers have to be strong in heart and mind. Before leaving on the mission, the passengers have to practice the silence signals. It largely depends on sentiments. By the way, even in ordinary life, people speak their words without saying anything. For example, when you get angry, bring the eyes to the eyes and bring folds on the forehead. In a similar way, astronauts also talk among themselves during emergencies through numbers and emotions. Although these gestures are not very unique. Scuba divers, pilots and units of fighter planes also communicate with each other in this way.

This video of NASA STEM YouTube Channel But specially designed for the students. The video features astronauts Raja Chari and Kayla Barron making their point through some interesting nonverbal ways. He has learned to express himself during his training to live and work at the International Space Station.

Baron explains in this video that what we usually do is use the “ok” hand signal. In the video, the two try to explain how they communicate with each other through gestures while in space.

Astronauts need to understand the signals to transmit the necessary information in the difficult environment of low-Earth orbit. All this so that there is no mistake while making hand gestures. In the video, Chari explains that there are a lot of nonverbal things that just come from working with people. Signals become more important during spacewalks.


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