How much does the government spend on a student in JNU? will be surprised to know

Jawaharlal Nehru University is again in headlines after slogans written about Brahmins and Baniyas. In such a situation, let us know how much money is spent on each student studying in JNU.

How much the government spends on the education of every student in JNU (indicative picture)

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‘Brahmins leave the campus’, ‘There will be bloodshed’, ‘Brahmins leave India’ and ‘Brahmins and tradesmen, we are coming to you to take revenge’, these things seem extremely provocative. But what if they are written on the walls of a renowned university. If this happens, it will not only create hatred among the students in the campus, but it will also affect their mental condition. This case is related to the country’s renowned institute Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).JNU) has appeared in Tension has spread in JNU due to casteist slogans written about Brahmins and Baniyas.

Pictures of JNU Campus have also surfaced on social media. In these, slogans can be seen written on the campus walls in a very provocative manner. Students studying in JNU have also claimed that not only sloganeering, but the building of the School of International Studies has also been targeted by ‘miscreants’. ABVP has accused the left party of this attack.

At the same time, after this incident that came to light in JNU, the expenditure on the institution is going to be discussed once again. People are asking why the government is spending tax payers money on this institution. People have also raised questions on the subsidized education provided here. In such a situation, let us know how much is spent by the government on each and every student studying in the institute.

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In the data available on the official website of Jawaharlal Nehru University, it has been told that how much money the government spends on the education of a student. There are many students who study even after staying in the hostels built on the JNU campus. Apart from this, they are also given three meals a day from the mess. All these facilities are provided to the students at very low rates. Apart from this, the fees in the institute are also very less.

According to the data provided by JNU, Rs 5,59,76,20,371 is spent on the institute in a year by the central government. Altogether 7821 students study in this institute. In such a situation, if Rs 5,59,76,20,371 is divided by 7821 students, then we will get the account of the money spent on each student. Thus, Rs 5,59,76,20,371 / 7821 students = Rs 7,15,716, which means more than Rs 7 lakh is spent on each student.

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,This data is according to 31.03.2019. For more information on this link Click Do it.,