How Rahul took his revenge from Jaiswal, see in the video

IPL (IPL) thrills keep increasing with every match. Players of all teams are doing everything possible to win. Today the 24th match of the season is being played between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals. In which Mumbai won the toss and first batted with the Rajasthan team. Rajasthan also scored a score of 171 runs while playing first. The match is in a very exciting situation and the most exciting moment came when Mumbai bowler Rahul Chahar took revenge on Rajasthan batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal.

He paid the Jaiswal Out

It is the 10th over of Rajasthan’s innings. When the ball was in the hands of Rahul Chahar and was on strike Yashsvi Jaiswal. On the third ball of the over, Jaiswal made a slog sweep shot and the ball crossed the boundary line over midwicket. He had a little lapse and sitting put slightly out of. Yashaswi took full advantage of this and the ball went into the air with the support of the lower part of his bat.

Rahul Chahar may have been a little disappointed with this shot and beat Yashaswi on the fourth ball. Just after that, on the fifth ball, he threw a googly ball towards the leg stump. Whom the batsman got into his hoax and put the bat. The ball bounced in the air and went straight into Rahul’s hands and the batsman had to return to the pavilion.

Here the return video

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