How to file ITR without Form 16 and which documents will be required, know easy ways

Employers have to file Income Tax Return (ITR) every year. It is very important for employees coming under a fixed income to submit Form 16 to file ITR. They get this from the company. But if you do not have Form 16, then there is no need to worry, you can file your return in other ways without it. So what is its process, let us know.

These documents may be needed

In Form 16, the details of the tax deducted from your salary by the company are given. Therefore, it is necessary to give this information while filing the return, but in the absence of this form, you can also work with Form 26AS or tax credit statement, rent agreement and salary slip etc.

Form 26AS is also effective

If you do not have Form 16, then you can take the help of Form 26AS. In this you will get information related to tax deduction. You will also get this from the company. You can verify the information contained in it by mixing it with your salary slip.

Give information about other income

While filing ITR, also give information about your income from other sources. This includes from house rent to mutual funds or other business etc. To fill its details, calculate your total tax and then match Form 26AS. If the information is correct, file it in the ITR.

Salary slip can be a matter

If you do not have Form 16, you can take monthly salary slip from your company. With this you will be able to see how much tax is said from your salary every month. In such a situation, get the salary slip of the financial year for which you want to file ITR. In this you will get information about TDS deduction, PF, profession tax, in hand salary etc.

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