How To Select The Right School For Your Child

Choosing the right school, college, or university is supposed to be one of the most difficult choices mostly because there are so many educational institutions and variables of individual students that play a role in it. It inserts also aware of the marketing strategies a lot of institutions try to portray but fail to live up to, which is why they might have trust issues. These trust issues eventually admission and learning procedures.

With the pandemic it’s still not quite over, every school should have a dual or hybrid system to carry out learning procedures so that they can manage classes no matter what the situations come to be. Their first thought is, is online education going to suit my child? Will the mobile teacher app be enough to carry out educational processes? The trick is to have references and ask present days students already admitted about their experience.

Let us first have a look at the types of school choices available to parents;

  • Schools that are following hybrid systems include both online and offline classes through a mobile teacher app and in-class sessions.
  • Schools have gone completely offline because they feel that the integrity of education could be maintained only if the traditional method is continued. This is done only by keeping safety procedures in mind.
  • Online education institutions function either through a website or mobile teacher app as learning forms.
  • Boarding schools that avail hybrid systems, online or complete offline modes.
  • Homeschooling options could be like a normal online education, but parents are the major guiding factors while teachers only complete academic roles.

Did you know that parents and students still prefer the traditional form of learning mostly for colleges and universities while the ones for schools prefer online meals? This is because college and university students have much more to learn from a practical lesson, especially because they are learning the practical applications of a subject and specialize in it. Specialization requires all kinds of experiences, while school is simply making up for their basic academic values which could be completed under the guidance of parents only, provided they put enough effort.

Factors to consider while choosing a school

  • Teaching forms and methods

The teaching methodology is important because this is what will encourage your child to look forward to learning. Teachers should be practical and diverse in their teaching methods.

  • Feedback from students of the school

If you already know parents who are considering putting their child somewhere else, there is no point looking up this school anymore. However, be aware of their reasoning to not create a bad name for any educational institution just because of someone else is a personal preference.

  • Safety and precautionary measures

Never hesitate to question the school authorities while admitting your child about their safety and precautionary methods for the following circumstances;

  • Evacuation intervention methods in case there is a fire, earthquake, hurricane, or school shooting.
  • Protection of the mobile teacher apps used against malicious software and devices.
  • Attendance issues in case students are unable to come to a class because of political instability.
  • Online options are available if the child has landed in an unfortunate situation, has an accident, or is on sick leave.
  • The steps to prevent the spreading of the virus.
  • Vaccination programs for a lot of preventable diseases. This is simply an extra step, which not a lot of parents expect but is a major attracting factor for parents to consider.


  • Personal factors

Parents personally prefer a school which is located somewhat near to their house so that they can pick up and drop their child off easily and the transportation facilities available. Far away options are also acceptable if the school is providing for a school bus enduring the safety of every child, at a reasonable fee.

  • Financial factors

Parents keep the budget in mind sometimes extremely sophisticated schools are not in the budget which is why they have to choose an equally better option that costs them less. School fee is not the only fee that you should count, there are expenses for transport, field trips, projects, lunch fee, and so on.

  • School faculty

The school faculty quality can be measured by the student-teacher ratio. Lower the ratio, the more attention your child will receive from not only the class teacher but also subject teachers.