How to write answer in CBSE 2023 board exam? These 7 tips will give you extra marks

What is the correct way to write answers in CBSE Board 10th, 12th Exam? With this, you can get Extra Marks by impressing the copy examiner.

Tips for writing answers in CBSE board exam (indicative photo)

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CBSE Answer Writing Tips in Hindi: CBSE Board Exam 2023 for class 10th and 12th is starting from 15th February. On February 15, the CBSE 10th exam will begin with painting and language papers. While the first paper of CBSE 12th exam is of Entrepreneurship. If we talk about main theory subjects, then CBSE The 10th exam is starting on February 27 with English and the 12th exam with Hindi on February 20. Check CBSE Datesheet 2023 for complete time table.

By now your preparation must have been completed. But only subject knowledge is not enough. You must know how the answers are written in CBSE Board Exams? Because correctly written answers can impress the copy examiner and you can get some extra marks for this talent. While knowing everything, if there is a mistake in writing the answer, then marks can also be deducted.

Tips for writing answers in CBSE Board

Here you are being told 7 golden rules for writing answers in board exams. Do have a look at them and keep these CBSE Board Answer Writing Tips in mind in the exam hall.

  1. Read the question paper carefully: It is often seen that students start writing answers in a hurry as soon as they get the paper. This is wrong. First read the paper patiently. For this, the board also gives 15 minutes extra time. Time management will become easier by reading the paper. You must know all the rules. You will also be able to know which questions are easy and which are difficult for you.
  2. Write answers to-the-point: Write the answer of each question keeping in mind its word limit. Write only as much as the question requires i.e. to-the-point. Writing anything to fill the copy can cause reverse damage. This will also save your time. Keep equal distance between the words while writing the answer. Leave equal space on the side of each page on the copy.
  3. For those in doubt, give them time later: The general rule of any exam is that all questions should be answered. But more important than this is to answer those questions first on which you are confident. There is no negative marking in board exam. But even numbers are not available to write anything. So first attempt those questions which you come across. Those who are in doubt, mark them and give time later.
  4. Think before writing an answer: Before writing the answer to any question, think for a few seconds to frame the answer, then write. With this you will be able to write clearly. The copy will be neat and clean. This is very important. Examiners give more preference to clear and easy language.
  5. The color of the pen is also important: Good handwriting, proper margins, underlined headings increase your marks. Do not use too many colorful pens in the copy. Not red at all. Try to use black or blue pen only.
  6. Do read what is written again: The most important suggestion for the students is to read your written answer once again at the end. During this, minor spelling or grammar mistakes get caught. Try to keep 15 minutes in the last for this. If something has gone wrong, be careful in fixing it. Do not dirty the copy. To cut any line, just draw a line.
  7. Important one by one: If you do not know the answer of a question completely, but know a little bit, then also write it clearly. His numbers are also available. Yes, don’t waste time if you don’t know anything.