How will you know how the condition of the schools is? Out of 15 lakh only 7000 got accreditation

Schools in the country are now being asked to take accreditation from the ‘National Accreditation Board of Education and Training’ (NABET). Only 7000 schools in the country have got accreditation from NABET.

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Out of 15 lakh schools in India, only 7000 schools have got the accreditation. In this way, only 0.5 percent of the schools in the country are accredited. This information was given during the ‘Quality Control and Accreditation of School’ organized in Mumbai. Actually, the New Education Policy (NEP) Keeping in mind 2020, the ‘National Accreditation Board of Education and Training’ (NABET) is now asking the schools to get the accreditation done. With this, parents and students will be able to get more information about schools before admission.

At present, colleges and universities have to take accreditation from the concerned institution. If we understand the meaning of accreditation in common language, then grading is given to an educational institution after following the rules made by a board. This grading is given keeping in mind the infrastructure, quality of education and faculty, security and other things. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) gives this grading to colleges and universities.

What is NABET?

At the same time, now NABET has been formed under NEP, which works almost like NAAC. Its job is to give grading to the schools. NABET is a board of the Quality Council of India. Its chairperson PR Mehta said, ‘When we are moving ahead at the global level, accreditation is very important to evaluate our education system.’

Mehta told that under the accreditation, independent audit is included on the basis of the infrastructure, instructional method and results of the students of the educational institutions. He said, ‘We want to create an environment of research in the classroom. We aim to raise the standard and quality. At the same time everyone has to be given equal opportunities. The present need is to impart knowledge on holistic development.’

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G Vishwanathan, Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology said, India can now compare education policy with the world. In 75 years, we have spent 3.5 per cent on education, which should be increased. He said that the expenditure on education is very high in the developed countries of the world. It is necessary for the government to provide quality school education with accreditation.