Hubble Telescope took a picture of the amazing sight being 681 million light years away from the Earth

The Hubble Space Telescope has been observing the mysterious phenomena of the universe for more than three decades. It is a joint project of NASA and European Space Agency (ESA). Recently, it has captured a stunning picture of the merger of three galaxies in the Cancer constellation, about 681 million light-years away from Earth. Due to the dense clouds of dust, this picture is not as clearly visible, but the light of the galaxy is seen tearing its outer ends.

In its Instagram post, ESA said that the merger of the galaxy ‘IC 2431’ is visible in this image. IC 2431 There are three galaxies. These are also known as LEDA 25476, Mrk 1224 or UGC 4756. IC of 2431 Search It was done on 24 February 1896 by the French astronomer Stéphane Jewell. According to the ESA, this image is part of the ‘Galaxy Zoo Citizen Science Initiative’.

Astronomers need help in classifying one million galaxies under the Galaxy Zoo project. Those who participate can contribute directly to scientific research, as well as get a chance to see these unique and diverse galaxies of the universe. All volunteers under the project investigate some of the unique galaxies discovered so far through the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble Telescope was launched into space in April 1990. Since then it has captured many great pictures of deep space. Very soon this telescope will be replaced by the ‘James Webb Telescope’. It was launched by NASA on 25 December last year. Right now it is setting its instruments in space. It is believed that in the next few months, James Web Telescope will start its work.

Its images are expected to be different from those taken by the Hubble Telescope. This is because James Webb will see things largely in the infrared. In contrast, the Hubble Telescope uses different infrared wavelengths with visible light.

However, the James Webb Telescope is going through some important phases in space. In the next 5 months, this telescope has to complete many processes. After that it will start working perfectly. This process is long because the James Webb Telescope is a large observatory.


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