HUL stock continues to rise, further growth is expected, have you invested?

The stock has given a return of 21 percent during 3 months. According to the report of the brokerage house, there can be an increase in demand in the festive season, so the stock will also continue to move ahead.

Expected further growth in HUL

HUL, the giant of the FMCG sector, has seen a boom for the past few days. The heavyweight of the sector has increased by 5 percent in a week. there even further stock Further growth is expected. In fact, the company has already given an estimate that after coming out of the epidemic, this year’s festive season can be quite spectacular. And the company has also started preparing to capitalize on the opportunity.

where did the stock reach

HUL stock continues to rise. Today the stock has reached the level of 2682 with a gain of more than 2 percent. The stock was at the level of 1993 6 months ago i.e. investors have got more than 34 percent returns in 6 months. At the same time, the stock gave a return of 21 percent in 3 months. With the increase, the total market value of the company has crossed Rs 6.3 lakh crore. The one-year high of the stock is 2839 and the year’s low is 1901. The improving sentiments for the FMCG sector are the main reason for the rise in the stock. According to a report, in the month of August, the FMCG market has seen an increase of 6 percent compared to July. Due to which there have been indications that the sector may sell better in the festive season.

Stock growth forecast

Even after the current gains in HUL stock, further growth is also expected. According to the news of Moneycontrol, Nomura has estimated that HUL’s volumes may increase by 4-5 percent in the second quarter. The brokerage house has given investment advice for the stock with a target of 2,975. On the other hand, Macquarie has given a target of 3000 for the stock. Sharekhan has also advised to invest in the stock with a target of 2850.