Human colony will be inhabited by the blood of astronauts on Mars! The construction of concrete bricks will be something like this

Man is busy making Mars his next destination. In such a situation, before settling humans on the Red Planet, human colonies will have to be settled there. At the same time, scientists from the University of Manchester have said that the blood, sweat and tears of astronauts can actually be used to make human colonies on Mars. He says that through this the costly and difficult challenge of sending construction materials to Mars will be solved.

There is a shortage of water on Mars. In such a situation, according to estimates, it costs two million dollars to send a brick to the Red Planet. Astronauts can make concrete on-site using Martian soil and their blood, according to results published this month in the journal Materials Today Bio. The point to be noted here is that this is not just a theoretical matter. According to the study, scientists have already made a solid material called ‘astrocrete’ using human blood and synthetic regolith. Astrocrete is the scientific term for the soil on Mars and the Moon.

How does astrocrete become strong?

The mixture of human blood and synthetic regolith works due to human serum albumin. Albumin is a common protein found in the plasma of human blood. When the protein is dehydrated, it forms a strong bond that binds the dust together. A mixer of blood and dust alone is equal to concrete. But researchers say that when human urea is added to the mixer, it becomes even stronger. This golden substance urea is made from sweat, tears and urine. In this way the strength of AstroCrete is increased up to 300 percent.

Information about the smell of astrocrete has not been given

According to the study, Astrocrete itself is a dull shade of brown. But it can be shaped into any form and can even be used in 3D printing. Nothing has been said about the smell of astrocrete in this study. But astroCrete structures can protect a sealed inner shell made of something else. In such a situation, the astronauts will not be in direct contact with the bricks made of urine and blood. Its main job will be to keep away the radiation and dust storm of Mars.

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