Hybrid electric car sales set a new record in the US

Sales of electric cars are increasing all over the world and many automobile companies are launching new models of these cars. However, last year saw record sales of gasoline-electric hybrid cars rivaling electric cars in the US. Companies such as Tesla and Ford Motor are increasingly focused on increasing sales of electric vehicles, while Asian automobile companies are also launching new models of hybrid vehicles because of the high prices of electric vehicles (EVs), limited range and lack of charging stations. Customers keep a distance from these cars.

According to data from analytics firm Wards Intelligence, hybrid vehicle sales in the US grew nearly 76 percent last year to more than eight lakh units. This accounts for about 5 percent of total light vehicle sales in the US. EV sales also grew by 83 percent to 4,34,879 units, but this is only three percent of the total market.

in the US market Toyota Motor recorded record sales of hybrid cars, helping the Japanese company overtake General Motors to become the largest-selling automobile company in the US. Toyota Motor’s sales of hybrid, plug-in and fuel sales vehicles grew by nearly 73 per cent to 5,83,697 units. Hybrid cars had a major share of these. General Motors Its electric vehicle sales exceeded 24,000 units. The company had to recall the Bolt EV due to the risk of battery catching fire, which affected its sales.

Electric vehicles run only on electricity and require a charging infrastructure, while hybrid EVs can run on gasoline as well as electricity through electric propulsion systems. Honda Motor, the second largest seller of hybrid cars in the US, posted a 67 per cent increase in hybrid car sales at 1,07,060 units. Dave Gardner, executive vice president of Honda Motor, told Reuters: “We expect hybrid sales of the CR-V and Accord to grow significantly in the coming years. We are also preparing for battery electric vehicles.” Honda plans to launch its first EV in the US market in 2024.

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