I will give employment to every unemployed, otherwise you will get 3 thousand.. In Gujarat, Kejriwal filled the slogan

Arvind Kejriwal is on Gujarat tour on Monday. Here he has announced the guarantee while addressing a public meeting.

Chief Minister of Delhi and Aam Aadmi Party (YouNational Convenor of Arvind Kejriwal Today i.e. on Monday, he is on a Gujarat tour. He has reached here to address a public meeting at Veraval in Rajkot of Saurashtra region in connection with the upcoming assembly elections. Here we are going to announce the second guarantee among the people of Gujarat. Let us tell you that in the second guarantee of Kejriwal, it will be about employment. Kejriwal’s full focus in this election is to provide employment. CM Kejriwal raised the issue of deaths due to spurious liquor in Gujarat.

In fact, Arvind Kejriwal said that today I got the privilege of visiting the holy land of Somnath ji, last week a big accident happened in Gujarat. Where more than 50 of our brothers lost their lives by drinking spurious liquor, there is a silence of 2 minutes for their soul to rest in peace. The day this accident happened, I went to meet the victims who were in the hospital, they were very poor, very sad I have come to know that perhaps the Chief Minister of Gujarat has not visited them yet.

Kejriwal said – business of fake liquor worth thousands of crores is going on

At the same time, a BJP leader told that it will not affect voting, I say that everything is not done for votes, when the Chief Minister of Delhi can come to meet then why not from Gujarat? During this, people told that liquor is sold in the open there, home delivery is also done. These people say that drug addiction is banned, but thousands of crores of fake liquor business has run. Vote for those who want to make their children drink spurious liquor, those who want employment, vote for us.

Every unemployed will get employment within 5 years

During this, Arvind Kejriwal said that today I give you a guarantee of employment. Every unemployed will get employment within 5 years. If you say how can this happen, I have come to Delhi and have given employment to 12 lakh children in Delhi. Right now, sitting with my ministers, have pledged to create 20 lakh jobs in Delhi in the next 5 years. Thirdly, 10 lakh government jobs will be removed. At the same time, the fourth thing will bring a law to prevent paper leaks and get the mafia punished. Fifthly, in the field of cooperatives, without the recommendation of leaders, we will give jobs. Also, I will appeal to my brothers and sisters that only a few months are left, no one should commit suicide.

24 hours electricity free

CM Arvind Kejriwal, you people will know that we have made electricity free in Delhi. Similarly, electricity is very expensive in Gujarat, we will give electricity free in Gujarat and will give it 24 hours. Also, all the old bills till December 31, 2021 will be waived. I did this first in Delhi and then in Punjab, then a chance should be given in Gujarat also.

Kejriwal said that all these people sit and give bullets to me on the channel that Kejriwal is distributing free ravadis. These people distribute free ravadis to their people, but Kejriwal does not do this, Kejriwal does not take them to the Swiss bank, Kejriwal public gives money to the public. Where a highway worth thousands of crores was built in Bundelkhand and collapsed within a few days, all this has to be stopped. It is said that giving freebies to the public increases the debt of the government, Gujarat has a debt of three and a half lakh crores, here there is some Even if it is not free, then how did the loan happen? He said that the debt increases by distributing free Revdi to his friends, it increases by sending it to the Swiss bank, I say that get a plebiscite in the country and ask people whether facilities should be provided for free or not?