IAS Athar, the first husband of IAS Tina Dabi, married for the second time, see the video of marriage

IAS officer Athar Aamir Khan married Dr Mehreen Qazi in Srinagar. The video of their wedding is going viral on social media.

IAS Athar Amir married Mehreen Qazi

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EAS officer Athar Aamir Khan has recently got married for the second time. Athar Aamir Khan She has married Dr. Mehreen Qazi, who hails from Kashmir. Athar and Aamir got married on October 1 in Srinagar. It has been told in media reports that both of them got married in the presence of their close friends. While Athar Amir is appointed as the commissioner of Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Mehreen Qazi is a doctor by profession. IAS Athar has also shared a video of his wedding, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Athar and Mehreen got engaged in July, pictures of which were shared by both of them on social media. People have been congratulating them since the release of the video of their wedding. Both Athar and Mehreen have a good fan following on social media. Athar has more than 7 lakh followers on Instagram, while Mehreen is followed by more than 3.5 lakh people. Significantly, Athar Aamir’s first marriage was with IAS officer Tina Dabi. The two got divorced in August last year.

It is accepted that the marriage has been signed by speaking

In the video shared by Level Up Studio, it can be seen that IAS officer Athar is looking very handsome in the dress of the groom. At the same time, Mehreen Qazi is also looking very beautiful in the wedding couple. Both are looking very cute in the video. It can be seen in the video that both of them confirm the marriage by saying confess.

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People have also commented on this video posted on Instagram. Athar had also shared pictures and videos of Mehreen Kazi applying Mehndi on her Instagram a few days ago.

Video of marriage conditions also went viral

Recently, a video of the engagement of both Athar and Mehreen also surfaced, in which Athar Aamir is signing on the terms, which were kept by Mehreen Qazi before the marriage. It can be heard in the video that Athar looks at the marriage contract and asks if I really have to sign it. Hearing this, the people present there start laughing.

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The first condition in these conditions is that Athar has to accept that Mehreen is right every time. Mehreen put the second condition that Athar would take them abroad two to three times every year to roam them. At the same time, the third condition of Mehreen is that Athar will have to buy everything that she wants.