IAS Interview Questions: If a boy proposes to a girl, will it come under the category of crime? Learn the answers to such interesting questions

IAS Interview Questions: The candidates preparing for UPSC exam are more afraid of the interview round (IAS interview) than the written exam. An atmosphere of concern can be seen in the candidates regarding the questions asked in the IAS Interview. Often questions are asked by rotating the questions to do the IQ test in the IAS interview.

Questions from General Knowledge subject are definitely asked in all competitive exams including UPSC. For its preparation, candidates mostly read more subjects like economy, social system, political science, history and science. However, in IAS Interview Questions, questions related to things or events around us are asked more. Here we will tell about some such questions which often come in the IAS interview.

Question 1- What is District Gazetteer?
answer- During the British era, it was made every year, records of the whole district were kept in it.

Question 2- What is the future of robotics? Will the time come when robots will replace humans?
answer- While answering this question, a candidate had said that, thinking separates emotional from robotics and man. Humans have made robots. Emotion and consciousness have not come in the robot yet and it is difficult to come. It is difficult for robots to replace humans.

Question 3- Which hospital is named after the Viceroy’s wife?
answer- This question of history was asked in the IAS interview. In response, the candidate said that this hospital was built in the name of Elgin, the wife of the Viceroy of Madhya Bharat. Now it is known as Rani Durgavati Hospital. This is the first hospital in Jabalpur.

Question 4- Which animal is that which cries like humans when injured?
answer- Bear.

Question- 5. How many colors are there in the sun’s ray?
answer- 7 colors. (Purple, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red)

Question- 6. If a boy proposes to a girl, will it be a crime to propose?
answer- No sir. Proposing in any section of the IPC has not been classified as an offence.

Question- 7. Name the nine gems of Akbar?
answer- 1. Raja Birbal, 2. Mian Tansen, 3. Abul Fazal, 4. Raja Man Singh, 5. Raja Todar Mal, 6 Mulla do Pyaza, 7 Fakir Azuddin, 8 Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana, 9 Fakir Ajioddin.

Question- 8. The accumulation of which acid in the muscles causes fatigue?
answer- lactic acid.

Question- 9. Why do lawyers wear only black coat?
answer- Black coat shows discipline and confidence.

Question- 10. What would you do if a boy wanted to take a selfie with you in the office?
answer- The female candidate said that she would be told in the training how to behave in different situations.

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