If 1 lakh was invested in this IPO, 3.4 lakh would have been made in two years.

This often happens when we make up our mind to invest in the IPO of a company. But don’t invest at the last moment, later when that share starts giving good returns, then nothing remains except regret, same happened with this company of infra sector…

The stock of this company gave stormy returns in just two years

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Sometimes we are not able to invest in a company’s stock even after a lot of planning, or when the IPO of that company (IPO) If it comes, then the shares are not allotted. Then later when that stock gives tremendous returns, we feel a little sorry. such a stormy return (Multibagger Return Stock) Likhita Infrastructure Limited, an infra sector company, has given (Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd.) In just two years after the IPO, the company’s stock has given a return of about 200 percent to the investors. So can this stock still be bought, let us know…

The share price was Rs 120 at the time of IPO.

Likhita Infra’s IPO came in October 2020. Then the company changed its share price band (Share Price Band) 116-120 was kept at Rs. Let’s assume that if you had invested Rs 1 lakh on this share at that time, then even if you calculate at the rate of 120, then you would have owned 833 shares of the company.

1 lakh becomes 3.4 lakh in 2 years

Now, if these shares are calculated from Wednesday’s closing price of Likhita Infrastructure, then the share price of the company on the National Stock Exchange closed at Rs 409 with a gain of 198.76 per cent, which means a direct profit of more than Rs 270 per share. This means that if you had 833 shares worth Rs 1 lakh at the time of the IPO, you would have been the owner of Rs 3.4 lakh.

Company will do share split

In view of the tremendous rise in share prices, the board of directors of the company has now decided to split them. In the last one year itself, the share price of the company has gone up by about 24 percent, while in 2022 alone, its price has increased by 12.4 percent. On Wednesday, the share price of the company closed up by 4.59 percent in a single day.

leader in pipeline laying

Likhita Infra mainly does the work of laying pipelines. It is active in Karnataka, Delhi, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Haryana, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. The company has an experience of 20 years.

Experts believe that the company’s stock may remain moderately positive in the coming times. However, we recommend that you make any investment in the stock market with care and thought, if possible consult an expert. Investing in the stock market can be risky.

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English Headline :Multibagger stock company Likhitha Infra share returns 200 percent in two years of IPO now board decide to split.