If Pakistan had given meaningful cooperation, the situation in Afghanistan would have been different, the American diplomat bluntly

Thomas West, America’s top diplomat, said, “During the talks, from January to August, and in earlier years, we were in very close contact with Pakistan’s leadership regarding some of the steps.”

America’s top diplomat Thomas West

Afghanistan (Afghanistan) America on the case (America) Top diplomat Thomas West said that if Pakistan (Pakistan) Had cooperated with the United States in a more meaningful and coherent way about the agreement to end the conflict in Afghanistan, “we would be in a different place today. West in October 2021 Afghanistan was appointed as the US Special Representative for the United States, and was tasked with working on American objectives in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of American and NATO forces and control of the Taliban.

“During the talks, from January to August, and in earlier years, we discussed some of the steps Pakistan’s leadership took,” West said at an event in Washington on Tuesday on the subject of his talks with the US and the Taliban. were in very close contact with. We urged Pakistan to increase the possibilities of resolving this conflict through dialogue. If we had collaborated with you, we would have been in a different place today.

Events in Afghanistan will affect Central Asia – India

At the same time, last year the Indian government had indicated talks while showing softness towards the Taliban occupying Afghanistan, but this year things are looking a little different. Recently, India has again warned the United Nations about the current situation in Afghanistan. The Indian ambassador said in the UN that the situation in Afghanistan will have a major impact on the Central Asian region. Let us tell you that in August 2021, the Taliban again took control of Afghanistan.

Attention drawn to drug trafficking

India’s Permanent Envoy to the UN T.S. Tirumurti drew the attention of the Security Council to this problem on Wednesday. He told that since the Taliban came to power, drug smuggling is happening there at a rapid pace. That place can become a den of terrorism. Appealing to the international community, he said that everyone has to pay attention to this issue, otherwise it will affect the Central Asian countries. He also said that India is ready to actively cooperate with the UN and regional and sub-regional organizations in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

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