If there is power in the idea, there is no tension for the investors, this platform will give you investors and will also save the idea from being stolen.

These days the biggest challenge in the world of startup and innovation is how to do something new and different from the most. In today’s digital age, an even bigger challenge is how to protect your idea from being copied or stolen. This is where IPR comes in handy, that is, Intellectual Property Right. With its help, the idea is secured in a simple and cost-effective manner.

To provide easy and low cost IPR safeguarding service, Anuation Research & Consulting LLP, a Delhi based company has come up with an AI platform called Patent Shelter, which in addition to IPR protection at low cost, also tells how to earn more from Intellectual Property. . According to the company, so far more than 300 inventors and businesses have used this service to protect their logos, patents, intellectual ideas or copyrights from piracy or theft in the digital age. Inventors can also present their idea with complete safety on the patent shelter platform and can take their business forward after getting funding from investors.

Intellectual property now very important

According to Sumit Bhatt, Partner, Anuation Research & Consulting LLP, “IP protection is very important to make an idea a brand. But apart from this, financial support is equally important. Investors are looking for such inventors in which they can invest. Inventors do not know how to reach the investor. Patent shelter acts as a bridge between investors and inventors.

If there is power in the idea, then the investor will get

At Patent Shelter, an investor can directly approach the inventor if he likes the idea. Not only business or startup, this AI platform also helps the students so that they can get the right path in the world of business and IP in their young age.

Investors and Inventors meet

According to Ujjwal Jha, Managing Partner, Anuation Research & Consulting LLP, “Patent Shelter uses artificial intelligence to determine the power of an idea, invention or patent. For this reason, when the investor sees the potential in the idea, then he invests in it. This platform is a win-win situation for both investors and inventors.

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