If you are interested in meteors, you have to look in the sky on the night of 30-31 May, know what will happen

This news is important for the people who are interested in the happenings in the sky. Early next week, the world can experience a meteor shower. This meteor shower, named Tau Hercules, is said to come from a star of the same name, whose main comet is SW3. According to the US space agency NASA, a small, but strong meteor shower may appear in the sky in the night time of May 30 and morning of May 31.

NASA has where is That if these meteors reach the Earth, they will enter the atmosphere at a slow speed of about 16 kilometers per hour. According to the US Space Agency, these meteor showers will be easier to see in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern Hemisphere.

However this is all just a guess. If the debris of the comet breaks away from it, then only the world will be able to experience one of the best meteor showers. It is said that this may be the best meteor shower of the last 20 years or nothing is visible.

The SW3 comet was discovered in 1930 by two German astronomers from the Hamburg Observatory – Arnold Schwemmann and Arno Arthur Wachmann. However, it was not seen again until the year 1970. After 1970, it was seen with the help of binoculars. After 1995, it became brighter on special occasions and became visible even without heavy binoculars.

To see this wonderfully predicted event happening in the universe, some special things have to be taken care of. Move away from city lights and pollution. Go to such a place, where the sky is clear at night and there is thick darkness around. One needs to be patient to see the sight. It may take hours to stare at the sky, so sit on a chair and wait. You will not get tired of this.

According to reports, if the meteor explodes, then this sight will be visible from America, south-central and eastern Canada, Mexico to parts of West Africa. However, scientists are not yet sure how effective this meteor shower will be. Maybe we didn’t see anything. Well, there is no need to be disappointed, even in December we can get to see such a sight in the sky. For now, we should start preparing for the night of May 30 and 31.