If you have 12-15 lakh rupees then start this business, you can earn big every month

Well-known mobile company Xiaomi is going to open more than 100 new retail stores in India. Xiaomi also plans to open 6,000 stores in India in 2 years at a cost of Rs 100 crore. The company will open 12 exclusive stores in East India, 26 in West India, 29 in North India and 33 in South India. In such a situation, you also have a better chance of connecting with Xiaomi. If you are thinking of doing business then you can consider Xiaomi Franchise Store.

According to the report of market research firm Statcounter, Xiaomi has emerged as the number-1 smartphone company in India. Xiaomi’s market share in India has grown to 27.63 percent. Samsung has been the second largest smartphone company in India after Xiaomi with 17.7 percent.

focus on small towns

To further strengthen its position in India, Xiaomi will inaugurate more than 100 retail stores in Level 5 and Level 6 markets. These cities have a population of less than 50,000. The company will cater to the needs of the customers by making technology more accessible to the remotest parts of the country and making technology easier for all.

Space for Xiaomi Franchise Store

The average size of Mi Store is 300 sq ft, with the average size of Mi Home Store being 1,200 sq ft. There can be a maximum of two Mi Stores in a village. If you are also willing to open a store, then you will have to fill the Mi Stores Franchisee Application Form by visiting the company’s Mi website.

how much to invest

An investment of Rs.12 lakh to Rs.15 lakh will be required for Xiaomi Store Franchisee which includes Rs.6-8 lakh in stock investment, civil investment, fixer investment and security deposit. Retailer deposit will be returned to the retailer after 2 years of operation.

how much will you earn

According to Xiaomi, the earning potential will depend on you. Your franchisee’s location as the owner of the franchise will depend on its ability to increase sales.

It has been told on the official website of the company that the company should help you to make your store a success. Company will make its investment on branding and cladding costs, initial and ongoing training programs and written or online material on any/all store operations, bookkeeping and back office support, financial reporters, inventory audits, product development and merchandise assistance etc.

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