IMC 2022: Watch ‘5G Ambulance’, it will be able to save the life of the patient even after getting stuck in the jam! Learn How

India’s biggest technology ‘fair’ India Mobile Congress 2022 (India Mobile Congress) is the emphasis of 5G this time. Each pavilion is equipped with 5G technology and associated futuristic gadgets. People are exploring the pavilions of Jio, Airtel and Vi the most. We picked them up too. One thing that was seen in common was the 5G ambulance! Actually, after the launch of 5G mobile network, there is going to be a big upgrade in the health sector. This is evidenced by 5G ambulances! These vehicles, which have the maximum space cover in the pavilion of Jio and Airtel, are telling that in the coming days, the patient will get all the facilities in the ambulance. Even if these ambulances were stuck in a jam for some time, one should still hope to save the patient, as the doctor would be continuously monitoring the patient with the help of 5G network.

A prototype is a 5G ambulance parked in Airtel’s pavilion. It has been developed jointly by Airtel, Cisco and Teslon. Connected to 5G network, this ambulance can also be tracked after booking. Once the patient is admitted in the ambulance, all his information reaches the doctor. From the command center of the hospital, the doctor can see the condition of the patient in the ambulance itself. If needed, the patient can be brought on a ventilator in the ambulance itself. The doctor operates the patient continuously till he reaches the hospital. Its biggest advantage is that the patient gets the complete advice of the doctor and the right treatment is possible in difficult times.

In future, these ambulances will become a reality on a large scale and the lives of serious patients can be saved. One such ambulance was also seen in Jio’s pavilion. It is claimed that this ambulance with high speed 5G network and lag free internet will keep the patients connected to the doctor till they are taken to the hospital. This ambulance has been prepared jointly by Jio and Medulance. Medulance has a network of 60 cities, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. That is, whenever this ambulance comes in service in the future, people of small towns will also start getting the benefits of 5G network.

5G ‘Mohalla Clinic’ is also special

On the lines of Mohalla Clinic, Jio has introduced ‘5G Jio Clinic’. Its name is Clinic in Bag. There is also an app with the same name. There are many medical devices in the clinic in bag for daily needs like BP meter, pulse oximeter etc. These devices are bluetooth connected. Suppose you measure your BP, oxygen level etc with the help of these devices, then with the help of the app all the details will reach the doctor. After that you will be able to consult the doctor for further treatment. This will benefit those people whose doctor is in another city.



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